Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Big Question

 I’m asked all the time “So what do you do?" This entry will list the areas I’m typically asked to investigate and the activities I execute in an effort to improve those areas.

I have been working in green grass golf retail for more than thirty years in sales and sales management as a VP of sales with Izod Club in the mid-nineties. For the past fifteen years I have been providing retail consulting, evaluation of current shop staff and status, development & initiation of buy plans, hands-on  buying and merchandising, employee product knowledge seminars and promotions at clubs such as Kinloch Golf Club, Ocean City Golf Club, Park Country Club in Buffalo, NY and 3 Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have also provide marketing and salesmanship training to companies including Greg Norman, Polo, Full Turn, and Ouray Sportswear in Denver.

This is what I do –

For Clubs and ‘green-grass retail seminars’

·         Evaluate inventory levels and develop a buy plan and inventory levels based on space and sales history and what is needed for your clientele.
·         Develop a turn schedule of merchandise based on peaks in season as part of the buy plan.
·         Determine the products and pricing needed to be the level of “full-service” desired.
·         Develop “open to buy” and “count and fill” programs to complement the buy plan.
·         Establish strong vendor relationships – maximizing the resources they have to help your business.
·         Develop, design and help execute re-merchandizing and/or remodeling plans.
·         Provide retail salesmanship training emphasizing product knowledge of all inventory and the language and tone of enthusiastic customer service.
·         Conduct power point seminars about - How to – Create an effective buy plan and a winning golf culture.
·         Develop, train and inspire retail managers and staff to provide service that differentiates your facility from the competition and creates customer loyalty.

For Companies that sell to green grass shops

·         Provide retail and customer service seminars for customers that enhance partner-relationship.
·         Help develop product promotions and programs that appeal to the green grass market.
·         Conduct seminars and speak at sales meetings on sales presentations with emphasis on “the close”.
·         Train sales rep how to develop their territory, get their foot in the door and become the ‘idea man’ in their area.
·         Help set appointments and participate in sales calls of poignant importance.
·         Provide and communicate with my contacts the features and benefits of your products.
·         Provide publication of interviews and articles and linked banners on

Anyone wanting to discuss fees and /or implementation of any of these services for their facility, company, their group or section meeting or sales meeting can contact me at 443-309-3005 or