Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ralph Dunning

On March 8th, 2012 I published an interview with Ralph Dunning in which we discussed the partnership of his brand with the other Tharanco Lifestyle brands, most notably the Greg Norman Collection. I asked Ralph if there were plans to educate both shop staffs and consumers as to the concept and quality of Dunning Sportswear as well as the fundamentals involved in designing true performance apparel. These videos could easily be made part of any digital presentation to your members or regulars.

I also asked Ralph in our initial conversation what he saw as the future of "natural" performance apparel. Heritage Performance Cotton is obviously an important part of that evolution and therfore important for anyone in the Golf Shop business to keep abreast of.

These videos are the perfect "product knowledge" training tools for staff meetings and I applaud Ralph and the Tharanco team for producing 'easy to watch and learn from' material such as this. There should be more of this type of effort in our industry as we all strive to be better and more informed about what we do.

Golf shop staff will talk about what they are familiar with and will shy away from that which they aren't well versed in. Just imagine how much Dunning you could sell in any afternoon if Ralph was in your shop making this presentation; with this type of knowledge and approach your staff can do it too!