Saturday, June 4, 2011

Partnership Thought Through

I received this email from Mark Killeen and was compelled to post it in its entirety immediately even though I’m sure it has probably been sent to most of the readership of this blog. The terms “partner” and “partnership” are used in every sales pitch but rarely defined and often misrepresented. I’ve known Mark for years and he always responds to any situation as a true partner who is willing to think outside the box. It is this type of empathy in my mind that both well represents and defines these terms.

Most of the clubs I speak with lately say business is back when weather permits. Obviously Pima-Direct has its finger on the pulse of the industry and the vision and where-with-all to act accordingly.


Rounds Played Apparel Guarantee

Pima Direct has built our company to uniquely partner with the PGA Professional and shop manager to benefit Golf Shop Operations. This Spring season has been challenging in many geographic areas of the country due to inclement weather. Our business together depends on golfers playing golf and spending time with your staff. With this poor weather we are hearing your business concerns and want to help. First of all, we believe the worst thing you can do for your business is cancel orders from your best vendors. This practice insures you will not have the right product when your members and guests do visit your shop. That said, we understand the pressure you feel and want to alleviate some. As of today, we are implementing a "ROUNDS PLAYED APPAREL GUARANTEE" on all orders placed with Pima Direct from June 1st through June 30th and shipped by August 30th, 2011. If rounds are down for the season in your geographic area, we will offer you a rebate commensurate with the % your rounds are down up to 10%. Please call your local Pima Direct Representative today or reach our customer service team at 510-618-1200 for the details.

Thank you for your business and cheers to a great summer!

Mark Killeen
Managing Partner
Pima Direct