Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Buying Confusion? Solved!

Since starting this blog in December of 2008, I had requests to offer a guide to the methodology I use to create buy-plans for my clients. In 2009, in response to these inquiries, I put together a 40 page step-by-step guide (Merchandise Buy Plan Guide) to help merchandisers formulate a buying strategy to keep their shops well merchandised but not over-inventoried.

Since the manual was made available I have had regular inquiries about open to buy software and if there were any I would recommend. Until now I have not come across an easy to use system that gave accurate information in a format that I felt would offer benefits significantly beyond its cost when used properly.  

Recently, I have been introduced to Mort Haaz and his online open to buy system, MYOTBPLAN.COM.  Mort is an ex-retailer who developed an open to buy system back in 1970 to correct an overbuying habit in his own retail store.  After owning and operating several single and multi-store operations using his open to buy plan, Mort decided to package and market his system to other retailers and merchandisers.  While developing his system, Mort consulted for California Golf Centers, developing a complete pro shop merchandising program for their 11 locations. So his understanding of golf shop merchandising is first rate.

 Mort began in 1985 with a paper based system.  It was written into software
in 1987 and continually improved from there.  In 2010, the system was updated and put online solving all problems of access.  MYOTBPLAN.COM is now available to subscribers from any computer, tablet or smartphone.  Not only is this system accessible, but it is affordable, easy to understand and use, supported 10/7, and guaranteed to improve your buying, inventory position and cash flow or your payments will be refunded.  After going through MYOTBPLAN.COM in great detail, as I see it, it’s a “no brainer” to be used by every golf merchandiser.

With this in mind I have partnered with Mort to get the word out to the golf world about his system.  We feel that The  “Merchandise Buy Plan Guide” I have developed and MYOTBPLAN.COM complement one another and I have agreed to provide the Merchandise Buy Plan Guide by email at no charge to each subscriber for the web service.
MYOTBPLAN.COM is clearly explained on the web site and Mort is available from 9AM to 7PM PST to answer any questions just as he is once you subscribe to MYOTBPLAN.COM. The banner to Mort's site is to the right and his service is easily the best of its kind I have seen for golf shops.