Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Marketing

T.S. Elliott believes April to be the ‘cruelest’ month. In the golf industry in most of the country it is most definitely January. Most facilities get little or no play but many stay open, incurring the expenses of being open – not the least of which is staff payroll. Since there are warm bodies on board and marketing in the shop should never come to a halt, here is an idea that is perfect for winter months.

Partner with your major shirt vendor’s in-stock program and offer the members/regulars a spring-replenishment wardrobe at a killer price. Create a flyer that informs them that they can have their package embroidered [personalized] however they would like.

This flyer makes a great shop handout, gives the staff something to talk up in the down time and can be used as an email blast or newsletter entry to all members/regulars.

Whether this effort sells any shirts or not it accomplishes the following:

· The effort says the right things about the ‘cutting edge’ service your staff are attempting to provide.

· The concept points out that your staff are always attempting to provide their better customers with opportunities to save money and increase value.

· The flyer plants the seed in a soft-sell way that your shop can provide corporate – customization on great product as well as any ASI.

Have your staff follow up with a phone inquiry as to whether the customer received the email, is interested, has questions or knows someone who may be receptive.

If the project is successful and let’s say you manage to sell fifty packages in January you will be three hundred units ahead of projection in a month that can be a nothing.