Monday, March 7, 2011

LinkedIn - The Successful Pro Shop Group

The Patterson Club

The readership of the blog has grown exponentially since the first posting in 2008 to the point where there are readers in 76 countries. While some of these readers arrive at the blog as a result of Google searches most come to it because an existing reader has forwarded them the blog address. In other words, the major growth has come about as a result of those in the industry who have an interest in improving their business and have networked with their friends and peers. Two things have become true as a result of this growth:

· Sending out entry announcements becomes too burdensome in volume for normal email services and can be perceived as spam.
· Services that are in the business of email marketing become more expensive as the readership grows and people ask to be added to the announcement list, and even as that growth is desired the blog was not supposed to become an expense.

In an effort to facilitate the networking aspect and evolve the value of the blog to the next level I have set up ‘The Successful Pro Shop” Group on has over 39 million members in over 200 countries including executives from all the Fortune 500 companies. It is the business version of Facebook or Myspace and will allow members of the group easy access to other group members, the profiles of other group members and the profiles of other groups such as “Global Golf’ and the ‘USGA’ group. It is also a great place to post your resume and network job opportunities. It allows me to send a weekly announcement to members about what’s new on the blog with no expense or spam issue.

If you haven’t already received an email invitation to join this group please accept this entry as that invitation. If you are already a member forward this entry to anyone you think may have an interest in this type of networking. The link to LinkedIn is to the right under ‘Sites to Visit’ and will remain there. Leaders in the industry from all sides of the table have already joined and I hope you will take a look and realize the value the Group can provide.

I have added a ‘Golf’ feed to the JOB section of the group and this is the main reason I am reposting this invitation to Now any and all industry jobs posted with LinkedIn can be searched through the Successful Pro Shop Group Jobs page. There is also a Discussion area for ‘The Successful Pro Shop’ Group where members can post and have others comment on what they would like to know more about from one another as well as from the blog. Stay tuned but better yet join the group to stay in touch not only with the blog but potentially all those in the industry who realize that the BIG PICTURE is to improve Golf retail collectively.