Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Guilt Gift

Most Pro Shop owners and managers agree that there is a legitimate category of business that has to do with the male golfer taking home a gift to his significant other after a day on the links. Acknowledging that this business exists or has the potential to exist is easy – finding the right product to go after it with is another story. I am convinced that apparel is not the answer and that it is not typically a logo driven sale. The wife or girlfriend that would be appreciative of a souvenir logo would most likely be playing there herself and buy her own shirt or sweater.

The search for the four ‘P’s to fill this void has taken me to the principals at Boca Tennis and Golf Bags. Dahlia Manaker and Chrissy Nield have impressive resumes in the industry and Chrissy’s husband Scottie is a PGA Professional who owns the shop at Inverness Golf Club in Illinois. They both immediately understood what I had in mind to suggest with this blog entry and were delightful to deal with in putting it together.

The Product is obviously hand bags, though they have jewelry and headwear, etc. that they present in collections that makes purchasing and merchandising incredibly easy.

The Pricing is moderate – perfect for today’s market and the potential customer that we have been describing with the ‘guilt gift’ theme.

The Partners are genuinely interested in helping you develop this segment of your business.

The Program that Dahlia and Chrissy put together is described by them as follows:

Perfect ……
For that Special Someone at Home!!!!

Are you capitalizing on your women’s market? Give your customer the opportunity to go home with a statement that simply says, “I am thinking about you even when I am on the golf course!”

Boca Golf and Boca Tennis has made it easy for you. We have designed a small and inexpensive package that offers your customer an alternative when selecting a gift for that special someone. When we say perfect, it really is.

It’s easy to get started. For a small initial investment (only a few hundred dollars) you can purchase a collection similar to the photo above. With immediate success you will be ready for our replenishment program. Simply communicate with us as to what is selling and we will be responsive to your needs.

Boca Golf and Boca Tennis is currently supplying a customer base of approximately 1500 accounts. Our Golf and Tennis retail shops have enormous sell through success with our products. In addition, we have the capability to supply you with tournament requirements, tee-gifts and prizes.

Boca Golf and Boca Tennis is excited to introduce this new program, enhancing yet another part of your business. We customize each account creating the ideal mix and flow of handbags and accessories to augment your shop’s needs.

Boca Golf and Boca Tennis will provide you with a framed sign for you to attract this customer. Allow us to help create another opportunity that will encourage every customer to purchase something from your shop.

Top 10 reasons why you need to partner with Boca Golf and Boca Tennis

· We have no minimums.
· We have products that are fashion responsive.
· We can replenish your inventory to increase your profitability…so you won’t miss a sale.
· Our turn around time is fast. Really fast!
· We can customize our product range for your specific needs.
· Our broad range of pricing allows major margins.
· Creative product merchandising.
· Innovative marketing programs.
· All Boca Golf and Boca Tennis manufactured products are made in the USA.
· Perfect products for that Special Someone.

Please feel free to call Dahlia Manaker owner of Boca Golf and Boca Tennis at 1-888-409-4551 or email to get started today

Please mention this Blog when doing so.

There is a link to the Boca website to the right under 'Sites to Visit'. The program that Dahlia and Chrissy have suggested and the merchandising of same provide an easy, tasteful way to go after that somewhat elusive category of ‘guilt gift'.

The Merchandise Buy Plan Guide has been well received and is still available. The link to purchase it through PayPal is the Buy Now button to the right.