Saturday, May 11, 2013


Bob Haley is probably as well known in the golf business as anyone and has over the course of his career been involved in every aspect of the business. Bob was the head pro at Ocean Pines and owned the Bay Club in Ocean City, Md. He started his 30 years of apparel experience as a rep with Izod- LaCoste, was promoted to Eastern Regional Manager and has been President of both Sport-Haley and the Nick Price Collection. He is currently the owner of the Cabo Shirt Company. The company’s objective is to bring the casual lifestyle of Cabo San Lucas to the green grass channel. The product is reasonably priced and easy to merchandise but I thought since Bob and I have been around so many corners together it would be fun to get together and have him tell the story.

Bob what niche do you see Cabo shirts filling in the market place and why did you choose Cabo as the name of your shirt company?

As far as the name Cabo - 2 reasons. We use the outside of the coconut in our Cocona technology, so that brings tomind palm trees and the ocean along with the setting sun. This made me think of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - the lifestyle and beautiful colors.

The fabrication of these shirts is worthy of a thorough description and brings many important features and benefits to the product.

We are a true hybrid. We are 63% cotton and 37% poly Cocona. Anyone who enjoys the hand and drape of cotton and the easy care of polyester along with the  Cocona technology has found the best of all worlds. The fabric is made in Peru from Pima cotton (63%) blended with Cocona ployester technology (37%). The shirt provides the ultimate wearing experience with the luxury and feel of the Pima cotton fast drying odor inhibiting properties of the Cocona yarn. It also provides UV protection of up to 50 SPF.

The line seems designed to be bright and easy to buy, but tell us in your words what you envision as the designer and how you see the product being merchandised.

You are right. It is a bright, vibrant colored line yet it is simple, conservative classic understated elegance. The line has been designed in such a way the buyer can merchandise our product by color story or by category. You can hang it on a four way or fold on a nesting table. Because the majority of the content of the shirts is cotton based, the shirts will not slide off the table like most polyester shirts.

Bob this seems like a good spot to interject some testimonials. I’m sure you have some as I’ve heard nothing but good from everyone I know that has worn one of your shirts.

“Cabo shirts provide our members with the feel and comfort of cotton that they have known for years. The UV protection and breathability make it a perfect shirt for south Florida in the hot, humid climate; a great combination for the traditionalist who is looking for cutting edge performance and comfort in their golf attire.”

Brian Boushie
Director of Golf
Jupiter Hills Club

“The Cabo Shirt Company’s polo is an excellent seller. Overall it’s high quality, has a nice hand and the price is a great value. I’ve been very pleased with the results of carrying Cabo polo shirts in the Golf Pro Shop.”

Judy Petersen
Retail Merchandise Manager
- Mauna Lani Golf Pro Shop

“We have been very pleased carrying the Cabo apparel. The price point, colors and unique Fabrications have made the Cabo apparel very successful in our golf shop.”

Bob Dolan
PGA Head Golf Professional
- Columbia Country Club

“Great idea! The process of direct online ordering of Cabo products for the golf shop is of great value in regards to saving time and minimal interruption of the buyer’s daily priorities.”

Jan Beemer
Merchandise Manager
- Maui Clothing Company

What do you see as your key differentiator – your Blue Ocean Strategy for Cabo Shirt Company?

Craig, as you know, there are over 100 men's apparel companies trying to get into golf shops. What differentiates us is the following:

1. Exclusivity: We're not overexposed like some companies.
2. Direct Order Entry: Easy to do business with us.
3. Hybrid: Cocona Technolofy
4. Value: Low overhead -  no duty from Peru means keystone or better pricing = great margins.
5.  Small Company: No red tape - you get an answer right away.
6. Focused: We are not all things to all people like some of our competition; we focus on what we do best.

Bob we talked at length about the way you want to bring this line to the golf shop buyer. Explain that here if you will?

We want to be one of, if not the first apparel company, to bring direct order entry from the golf shop to our plant in Boulder, Colorado. Whether it's an original order or a reorder, it will save the buyer time and aggravation. The order form is on the website as well as pictures and full descriptions of all our apparel. We are offering a 10% discount to AGM buyers who order online. Our website is

Cabo shirts are a fresh and value driven way to provide your customer something new in "classic understated elegance." The line is everything Bob implies includes easy to buy, easy to merchandise and easy on the pocketbook. Any followers of the blog wanting to try the online ordering should send General Manager, Tom Herabstritt, an email or call for a password, discount, and wholesale pricing.  Email: Office: 720-652-9726 Ext. 111.