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European Panache

Decayeux is a French metal processing mill north of Paris that has been providing major high-end fashion brands with luxury goods such as jewelry, leather and luggage accessories for over a century. They describe their mission as “High quality materials, precision tooling, best practices, perfection and execution are at the heart of our company.”

Decayeux Golf has made its mark at prestigious golf clubs and resorts in France and is now looking forward to bringing their prestigious line of metals and apparel to the United States. I have the pleasure of working with Stéphane Decayeux, Erwan Spohn and Pierre Lequeux to help tell their life-style story to our green grass community.

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We first need to talk about the decision to create Decayeux Golf and enter the green grass market.

Stéphane Decayeux represents the 5th generation of the industrial family Cie. The company was founded in 1911 in Picardy, in the north of France near Normandy, beginning with the manufacturing of alcohol cookers and umbrella mechanisms. Throughout European industrial history the French domestic company evolved into a European Group with a staff of more than 500 people manufacturing both industrial and luxury metal products.

It is Stéphane’s passion about golf shared with his son Benjamin which drove him to start this new venture. Having a long industrial background, strong product knowledge and close collaboration with the fashion industry led to the idea of creating this new luxurious brand.

A unique aspect of your vision for Decayeux Golf involves the concept of partnership which includes the sponsorship of tournaments culminating in the Decayeux Cup.  Could you discuss this very special program and how you see it being implemented in the U.S.?

When Decayeux Golf started three years ago in France, we decided to promote the brand by organizing a competition tour, the Decayeux Cup. To make it more attractive and chic to the participating clubs, severalmajor brands interested in the golf environment joined the venture, Champagne Henriot, La Colline cosmetics, Bücherer jewels…

Our tournament with these sponsors has become a great success with participation by all the top golf clubs in France and created a wonderful venue to promote golf and our brand awareness.We believe participation by the U. S. golf community in this tournament would be an exciting partnership and we would welcome U.S. sponsors to join the project. What a wonderful opportunity for a U. S. company to associate its name in sponsorship to a final day at Chateau de la Messardière palace resort of Saint Tropez.

                                                         Chateau de la Messardière


Sainte Maxime golf course

One arm of your product line includes metals and commemorative pieces that can be customized and personalized.Let’s point out the materials and the process involved in producing these exceptional pieces.

Luxury accessories worldwide is synonymous with classic brass. Our entire product line is made of solid brass, hand polished and plated in our facilities in France. We apply only precious material for the finishing such as 24 carat gold, palladium and ruthenium.As the manufacturer, it is possible for us to produce personalized and unique product. We offer our customers the option of branding their products with their own picture, name or text message and most of our product can be engraved to make them unique.

One of my favorite products is the scorecard commemorative. It is perfect the perfect small tasteful piece for the desk and the perfect prize for club tournament.

There are so many applications for this type of re-memberance: a hole in one card, my lowest score at the home club, my round with Dad, only round ever at Bandon Dunes, my round that won the member guest, etc. This is one of those pieces that exemplifies the elegance of the line.

The line also includes men’s and ladies’ golf apparel. These boutique collections have very distinctive features and benefits. Tell us about the apparel and how you see it as merchandising with the rest of the line.

Decayeux Paris is a lifestyle brand and thus it seemed appropriate to design and merchandise an apparel line.The idea is to introduce a bit of French touch within Golf courses and proshops by promoting and merchandizing our global look.

Many people reading this article are getting ready to attend the PGA Golf Show in Orlando and make decisions regarding something new and special for their member/guest and member/member favors and prizes. What do you see as possibilities with Decayeux product, particularly how some of your items could be personalized per participant and the time frame needed to fulfill such a request?

Attending the PGA show for the first time will give us the opportunity to present our unique products to the professional attendees. We are very confident in presenting our personalized product such as the brass engraved score card, the engraved tees collection and our belt line. Our whole line must be seen to be appreciated because product details and finishing is not something that can be seen in a catalog. We are convinced that prominent golf clubs and resorts in the states will soon welcome our product and be glad to partner with our brand.

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Stéphane, Erwan, Pierre and I will be in Orlando in Booth 3416 and look forward to discussing the product and concepts that are introduced here.  This should be a booth you make a point to visit in Orlando as Decayeux has a one-of-a-kind product line, placement incentives and incredible European panache. The line absolutely needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate the quality and presentation appeal of the metals as well as the distinct customization of the apparel.

I will be happy to mail anyone a catalog and price list if interested in previewing before Orlando. Email me your name and address to  Also, email or call me at 443-309-3005 to make an appointmentfor a GoToMeeting or to meet with us in Orlando to discuss Decayeux Golf and the possibility of representation of your facility’s tournament winner at the Decayeux Cup in Saint-Tropez.

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